Thursday, December 20, 2012

OnePixArt + Jorge Kreimer

I just spent August 18th to December 9th in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. As I do primarily photo work, there wasn't much work for me there. I did one fashion show, where I wore my own clothes... and I hated it. I find that kind of thing pointless. All it says is, "Hey, look at our foreigners parading around like walking alone is a talent." I jumped right back into shooting, though, since I landed in L.A. I shot with UMBRO, as usual (and got some really awesome shots, as usual) OnePixArt, and Jorge Kreimer. Here are a couple shots.

More of Jorge Kreimer's work can be found here, and more of me from this shoot can be found here(until it's pushed off that page). I don't normally shoot such things, but I was quite interested in experimenting, using my face to its full potential. I am quite an expressive person, it just tends to be abandoned far too often. I really enjoyed working with him.  

Above: OnePixArt. Old, but good. I love them.